Let Me Tell You About My Wife.

straight to my heart.

Liquid Poet

Ok people here is the first installment of “Let Me Tell You About…”.


Some of you may already know the story of how we met so I’m going to speed through that part. Seablackwithink and I met in a pretty nice rehab facility as far as rehabs go. We spent approximately 8 hours together or less. We sat with each other the night we met at the picnic table which was right near the dock. It was beautiful. The light reflected off of the salty sea water. It was 02/07/11, the Florida weather was warm and a soft breeze blew across the archipelago. We were on an island geographically. Even more so we were on an island metaphorically.  It was as if everyone else melted away as we talked about quantum physics, god, the afterlife and possible connections between them. We spoke…

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