7 responses to “our first new year

      • Oh my – congratulations! I am so happy for your both!!! May you continue to be blessed, and may you continue to be able to see the blessing as they fall.

        I’ll send you a note via email later, but my latest post gives a pretty good snapshot of where I am now (some would say on the opposite end of your fortune, but I’m inclined to believe just to the left of yours, but facing in the same direction.)

    • Hi sweetheart, I’m doing well…I’ve struggled with multiple allergic reactions to HIV meds but I believe we found one that will do the trick…medicine, like writing, is truly an art…and my Doctor should have his work in every fine arts museum in the country:)
      I miss you! Shoot me an e-mail and let me know how you are..

    • All Ryan and Cisco’s (“Thats What’s UP”) doing…the music in the background is from an artist called “SymbionProject” (Kasson Crooker) the first night we met we watched the waves to that song…and Ryan listening to it on repeat gave him courage to reach out to me.
      Kasson is now one of our dear friends lol…it was the best day of my life…thank you for watching.

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