Continuation of “Letter From My Husband”

Liquid Poet

Ok,this is “Continuation of ‘Letter From My Husband’. “Letter from My Husband”,  which is a mushy yet meaningful letter/poem I wrote for my wife. I let her title it since it is for her and she wanted to post it on her page. I’m, as the title says, writing a continuation of it even though she hasn’t posted the original yet. They stand alone and also fit together. Ok so here it is

We have great times we have hard times. The fact that lately hard days weigh the scale down is a crime.
This coffee company, let’s call them Siren Mermaid Fucks. They try to grind us up, french press the life blood out of us. But we won’t let them. We are not coffee beans. Do you know what that means? It means their song is weaker than ours. It sings of things obscene.

To the customers the…

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