Liquid Poet

The 7th month, 30th day, of the year 2013. Was the day I saw the most beautiful site I have ever seen.
For the 2nd time that is. I was shaking like a tree full of leaves, as I walked around the column. We stopped. Frozen for a millisecond. Then we strode towards each other. Hugging you in that loving hold I could have stood there forever, until we grew old. But that old ticking illusion of time kept at its grind. That day was the first day I truly saw the sun shine.
Here we are a year and a day later. The love has only grown. To your every want and need I would love to cater. Still, through everything we’ve been through together. I feel deep within things will only get better. It’s just the 2nd act of OUR Origin. If i had my way we would…

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