black dog


I am always with you though often you choose not to see me.
Some days I hide in shadows but I’m always close.
Did you know that black dogs are the least adopted from shelters?
They say it’s because our features are not as prevalent…My belief? – That ancient memory inside the human brain knows me well.
I wish you no harm, it’s the human way to harm oneself ..not mine. I will be here..always to guide you when the time comes.

I smile as the black dog walks alongside me through the park.
It was a beautiful day.




I luckily stumbled on to THIS blog which offers a 100 word challenge for grown ups…I’m not sure if I’ve grown up but I’m not a teenager and the prompt was irresistable.

Here’s what Julia (the sites owner) offered….

I’m late in posting this week’s challenge but I’m going to use something in the news this morning. I’m sure you will all have heard of Robin Williams and maybe watched some of his films. For me, he was a talented actor who occasionally couldn’t change the persona he had created early in his career. His suicide is very sad but understandable I think as there was often a manic side to his performances.

The prompt for this week is:

…the black dog walks alongside me…

The Specialist : (Meeting The Bar:Conceit)



  Invisible warlords of

Infectious Disease

Stole her youth

..at the tender age of fourteen

A battle raged deep in her veins

Invisible troops…holding the reigns.

Blindly she fought tiny mongers unseen..

“The White Coats” 

charged forth from the frontlines..

blindly fighting with HAART..

an effort to save

her biblical bloodline.

A cease-fire in place.

Moments of Peace.

A  microscopic white flag  waved…

in the mongers defeat.

Twenty years past..

Planning for years..

They set forth to end

the life held so dear.

The White Coats” sat baffled.

Heads in frail hands.

Never, they thought

would the evil ones plan

To strike her in silence..

Behind their blind eyes…

Their exhausted HAART‘s fearing demise.

Then came the Knight..

Upon his Red steed..

To stand by her side…to search her lost eyes..

for the answer at need..

“Are you willing to fight”?

Silently nodding…gritting teeth and smiling..

She blessed the brave Knight.

For he was a “White Coat”

of  a different clan.

He had waited in patience..

Antidote at hand.

All that was needed was a two-hearted force.

The cure lay in Love

of a very rare sort.

The “White Coats” were thankful..

As was his steed…

Knowing the girl’s soul ...from the depths of his dreams.

The Knight’s Heart grew in strength..

shrinking disease.

A family now strong.

With an army of troops.

The curing medicine of love..

much like laughter...lasts ever long.




-NOTE – I’m not sure if I used conceit correctly…but I wanted to give it a shot…now knowing the true meaning of the term in literature…Thank you to dVerse, Bjorn, Brian, My blogging family, Ryan-my fiancee-who I owe my life, my mom, and all of my wonderful doctors ..


Here is the prompt from dVerse for Friday:

” Today’s Meeting the Bar deals with conceit in poetry, a concept that you’ve likely employed before and will hopefully be an enjoyable one to revisit. Let’s start with a definition

Conceit is a figure of speech in which two seemingly dissimilar objects are grouped together with the help of similes or metaphors. Conceit develops acomparison which is unlikely but is, nonetheless, intellectually imaginative. A comparison turns into a conceit when the writer tries to convince us a similarity between two things of whose unlikeness we are strongly aware of and, for this reason, conceits are often surprising.’ Please write an extended metaphor poem, or passage of conceit and link up at the bottom of the post.”



Written for dVerse

An Open Letter To A Savior : Companion : Trifecta #104


– Originally, a letter written in gratitude to my Fiance this morning (less than an hour ago)…it syncopated with this weeks TRIFECTA so perfectly …I decided to edit the post, then submit it for this weeks prompt…The Universe ( and T3 ):) seemed to want this…layed right out in front of me..how could I ignore this sign…after the gifts bestowed upon my being this past week…my eyes, heart and soul are at attention.-


-Here is what Trifecta (click to join!).. has offered as prompt fodder this week-

“On to the weekly prompt.



:  one employed to live with and serve another

 • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words. 
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post. 
• The word itself needs to be included in your response. 
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above”.




Dearest Ryan ,

My Fingers..would no longer be animate.

My Heart.. fallen Silent.

My Soul.. not be writing this letter of blinding Love…

(far beyond words meaning  “Thank You Note).

Showing calmness of mind.

 You stood vigilant.

Infusing our souls

so similar-

 Time  never allowing one without the other.

Time, his brother, Universe and sister, Nature know symbiosis is a treasure…without which devastation unseen would destroy a delicate  beautifully unique world.

I know how hard it was..it is.

How scary watching your symbiotic soul verging on leaving this realm.

I know sweetboy..as do our protectors.

Tirelessly feigning off  Devils who wish this world abolished.

Although you fought back tears …I know, (They know), it was fear at its highest meaning.

They too were scared.

As was my Heart...

I feared not death..

..but of leaving you..our lives so promising.

Futures so bright.

Something wanted  me …

.. surely it would have taken had IT not stared YOU

Face to Face…

Heart to Heart…

Will to Will.

If WE were questioned before…

My words here will abolish ALL doubts..

.. held by ANY being.

 Doctors did their best…

YET, when my heart  questioned..

Is It Time“?

…yours, gently stated with reason ..


I saw them standing with 

Their hands on your shoulders.

Times tear gently dripped to your cheek….

It was up to you…their powers weak in  mortal realms.

You may never know  Their gratitude,

how grateful I am.

Words failing the souls definition.

… YOU saved ME.

This, an absolute.

Truth in Truths form.

My love, stronger.…something I thought impossible.

My will to stay HERE..

Your Companion...reciprocating protection..

….”WE”… the strongest universal element.

See it in Blues eyes…Hear it in Kasson’s soft future crys ..

Felt in gentle breeze,

(Universe, Time and Natures relieved sighs),

 now caress my cheek…

..they Know all

..and all Know..

I love you completely

..for ever..

..for always.




My Companion.

Eternally….  PI much…



An Open Letter To A Saviour




Dearest Ryan ,

Without you my fingers, my heart, would not be writing this…..this love letter…(far beyond the meaning of the word love)..you stood guard watching, protecting, infusing my life with yours..to save me.

Showing calmness of mind and spirit while protecting my being.

I know.

I know how hard it was….how scary to see part of your soul on the verge of leaving this realm. I know sweetboy…although you fought back tears and remained strong and vigilant …I know it was fear at its highest meaning.

My heart felt the same…as I was not scared of death..but of leaving you..our lives so promising..our futures bright.

Something wanted to take me …it surely would have if it had not stared you face to face…heart to heart…will to will.

If anyone doubted before…the fact that I am typing these words will abolish any doubts held by any being.

Of course the doctors did their best…however, when my heart had reached out in question..”Is It Time”?…yours was there gently stating with reason ..”NO, IT IS NOT TIME”.

You may never know how grateful I am as words often fail the souls definition.

…But you saved me.

This is an absolute. Truth in Truths form.

My love for you has grown even stronger….something I thought impossible.

My will to stay HERE…by your side…protecting you as you did me…is the strongest element in the universe.

I see it in Blues eyes…I hear it in soft crys of our future son…and I feel it in the gentle breeze that is now caressing my cheek….the universe knows.

With everything I have..

I love you completely…

.for now..

..for ever..

..for always.

My Savior.

My Warrior.

My Heart.

My Love.


Eternally Yours….I love you PI much…

-d ..seablackwithink







Once again

she won the“Stevens-Johnson Syndrome” lottery.

Burned from inside out.

Organs first.





Then skin.

Running fingers over

a Crazed, fleshy mess.

 Braille of a deadly condition.

Feeling burning words,

 answers coded in fire.

Then again her brain was burning.


Written for TheM3Blog and Flash-In-The-Pan

Beauty In The Chaos-Erraticus-Erratic

The thoracic and right lymphatic ducts.

The thoracic and right lymphatic ducts. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)



A lymphatic system in a state of chaos.

 Both ecstatic for her to start the new medication.

The few weeks of side effects well worth years of life  together.

Driving optimistically ...the universe became erratic…as is life’s nature.

A climactic crash.

Aquatic swirls.

Colored metals smashed together.


Red,Blue and Grey.

Shocked, bruised, bloodied with broken limbs.

They looked into each others souls..


There is beauty in the chaos.





Written for TheM3Blog and Flash-In-The-Pan



The State of The HIV Nation:A Very Personal Post

HIV infection

HIV infection (Photo credit: AJC1)

I am writing this post as a public service, a thank you letter, and to let anyone out there who is afraid of HIV , getting tested or getting treatment know…there is a way…you are safe…there are doctors (such as mine) who Truly CARE.

I have been HIV + for over 22 years…I am 36 now…do the math…I grew up in a time where surely I wouldn’t see age 21…and here I am.

In Late April, early May I was told the HAART therapy I had taken for decades was failing…due to severe drug allergies, there were, at the time, no alternative treatments. The outlook was bleak….giving me 3- 6 months of good health and then….

Two weeks ago I went to visit my Infectious disease specialist Dr. Luis E. Castillo….and from the moment I walked in I saw relief on his face…a new drug had been approved…one with virtually no side effects which I would not be allergic to…this meant LIFE…HEALTH…LOVE and yes, MARRIAGE and CHILDREN.

In about one week I will start the new medication…I feel so blessed to LIVE I have tears in my eyes.

My Fiance is not infected…we can have an uninfected child…and I very well might outlive many of the people who read this (not to be harsh)…I do take good nutritional and physical care of myself as does my fiance…WITH OUT HIS LOVE I would not have made it this far.. to see the new medicine..that’s a FACT…and you my WORDPRESS FAMILY…giving so much support…however…what I’m getting at here….IS GET TESTED, FIND A DOCTOR YOu TRUST…IF YOU CAN’T AFFORD MEDICATION OR DON’T HAVE INSURANCE,THERE ARE WAYS (I.E. NEEDY MEDS)..AND LIVE LIFE.

“Be not afraid”

Below, I’m including a video clip of my gynecologist and second infectious disease (HIV) specialist Dr.Hunter Hammill speaking to the state of poverty, HIV,not getting tested  and not getting treatment…in hopes that it will help someone out there….This goes for Hep C as well….the treatments are so much better now than Interferon….(HEP C IS OVERTAKING THE HIV NUMBERS IN HOUSTON).you can make it…

With the love and care of my doctors,(Dr. Luis E. Castillo, Dr. Hunter Hammill,Dr. Richard Noel), my fiance Liquid Poet and my Mom….I have lived and loved to the fullest…so can you. Please, get tested.

-with love and respect…and eternal gratitude…SEABLACKWITHINK…P.S. if you have any questions…email at didi.hagar@gmail.com…my door and ears are always open.

Icon from Nuvola icon theme for KDE 3.x.

Icon from Nuvola icon theme for KDE 3.x. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)




“Today’s 100 word song was chosen by Deb from Wyoming better known as @debIsee on the Twitter or her well-written blog http://debbiesdays.wordpress.com/ . She picked One Republic’s Counting Stars, which I kind of dig too. Thanks Deb.

As always you have 7 days from NOW, to pen 100 words inspired by Counting Stars by One Republic”

Twenty two hours

sitting by the sea

speaking in waves

sound waves

light waves

reflect the you in me

spoken in silence

eyes spoke our truths

as lies are told by mouth

all the face first falls

pulled us together.

we disappeared

one thousand six hundred one

miles apart

material melted

money, forced motions, lies

would never find a path

our amends mended

stars sending signals

laying in the grass at Brazos Bend

looking at Callisto 

Orion bowed his head

“Seek it out and ye shall find”

a universal plan

“Everything that’s killing us (me) makes us (me) feel alive.”


Trifecticating Myself

For Trifecta

I’ve false started this post a number of times…looking at yourself on paper is always an odd experience.

Maybe it was rude of me to wait this long…out of respect to other Trifectans…or..maybe they do not care.

OR maybe my ego is saying do it, do it!  Blah about yourself. (probably not)

Here goes..

What is your name (real or otherwise)?

 On line- Aseablackwithink.

Material world- Irish Goddess of Sorrow+ feminine form meaning christian+A biblical name

Describe your writing style in three words.

Awe Inspired Obituary

How long have you been writing online? 

Four years

On WordPress– a bit over four months.

Which, if any, other writing challenges do you participate in? 

The 100 Word Song over at Lance my fake stepbrothers site.

As well as Flash-In-The-Pan over at TheM3Blog

Describe one way in which you could improve your writing.

Work with length-{llooonnngeer), Grammar-Punctuation..I’m sure you guys already know this:)

What is the best writing advice you’ve ever been given?

Write what you know and never stop.

 Who is your favorite author? 

Neil Gaiman, Don DeLillo, John Steinbeck…It’s a top ten.

How do you make time to write?

Skip sleep or get sick.

Give us one word we should consider using as a prompt.Remember–it must have a third definition.



adjective \ˈli-vəd\

: discolored by bruising : black-and-blue <the livid traces of the sharp scourges — Abraham Cowley>
: ashenpallid <this cross, thy livid face, thy pierced hands and feet — Walt Whitman>
reddish gladiolas blushed livid under the electric letters — Truman Capote>
: very angry : enraged <was livid at his son’s disobedience

 Direct us to one blog post of yours that we shouldn’t miss reading. 

I’ll point you a post that shows just when you think the walls are falling in, you’re outside…

To Truly Care

Writing the rest of #Wikipedia on a typewriter...

(Photo credit: Jared Zimmerman)