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As some of you may know my husbands sister Jen was tragically murdered earlier  this week. Ryan, my husband aka Liquid Poet moved down here(houston,tx) a little over a year ago(from Bridgeton, New Jersey) to marry me…we have not yet been able to visit his family..while we make decent money and are hard workers…my medical expenses don’t allow us funds for instances such as these.

We desparately need to get to New Jersey by Saturday morning for Jens funeral….this is a heart breaking situation in all aspects…if you could or would…only if you are able..please help us out financially by donating a little to our PAYPAL account….you can click the paypal link back there or this one:



The paypal  account is under my email:


or if you prefer you can transfer money( however much big or small will help and we will gladly repay you in any way you like…within legal/moral limits:)) to our


The account is under Deirdre Virgillo and Ryan Virgillo

If you wouldlike to help us via Bank of America pls email me at didi.hagar@gmail.com or text at 832-707-9300

Anything you can do we would begrateful for andwill repay you in any way of yourchoosing…we wouldnever ask unless it was absolutely necessary…please help us make thefuneral..itis crushingmy heart seeing my husband so distraught,tragically sad,numb , angry and confused all at the same time…we love each other dearly…and we love all of you…love heals….Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and sharethis post …you are inour gratitude meditations list for eternity


My sweet, awe-inspiring husband, LiquidPoet , has come up with a new weekly topic to get to know all of our WP Family a  little better. Please click HERE and check out his idea. I am constantly inspired and awe-struck by how inventive he is…this idea being one example.

I hope you will join him in sharing in a weekly story, memory, inspiration or idea. Please link back to the original post (Click “HERE”above for the link)….I’m sure I speak for many when I say I would love to see this community grow and learn a bit more about my blogging family.

Love and Respect,

 – Seablackwithink

SO, Here is something to consider along with my hearts words for my husband.




A few days ago I offered  Trifecta 33 (38) words drawn from the day I met Ryan (a.k.a LiquidPoet ..more importantly, my husband and partner).

Here is the entry:




Worst day of life.


 Hell by my choice.

The first time I saw him,

Hearts threw  clichés.

Awed Love at first sight.

Fates quite strange hand.

His  eyes said..

mark this day.

For it is our gift.


The need to include the previous post stems from the circumstances in which we met.

We were both in rehab.

Coming out of detox I was sent to the wrong rehab center (keep in mind he is from New Jersey, I, from Texas…we are near Jupiter, Florida in rehab).

Five minutes from the transfer from detox to rehab…sitting in an office waiting, (why does this make me think of a Fugazi song?), to speak with the director regarding my transfer…My eyes fix on him…Beats headphones and a laptop..the warmest smile and brightest eyes in the universe. ..(Ah! Waiting Room by Fugazi)

Thinking it was detox heart flutters, not realizing the universe ways saying “The Door Is Open”…”Now Open Your Eyes and HEART”..

My shrinking black heart was fluttering blood….resusitating itself…pulled by an invisible string connected to Ryan’s Heart.

I was not happy. Did not want to speak…but I knew ..Something..something unknown then,(over two years ago).

Never believing in “soulmates” in a vast world of human organisms..never..not once…did I believe that I would be intertwined by another soul in Fate, Love, Eternity.

I was being transferred the next morning.

One night of talking music, waves, singularities….not even one night…all it took was one moment.

Here, the song that did it…

…and the artist who is now our friend.. Kasson Crooker (please check out his music here).

The universe knew….so did we.

Sometimes doors open but time must play its course….The Universe has a plan…and a big schedule..with open minds and hearts we can stay open to the gifts presented before us.

And We Did.

Leaving the next morning…I felt the string connecting our hearts…a life line…that in the end did keep us alive…even in terrible suicidal times we felt the string pulling.

Like our Friend Kasson….we are Symbiotic….and like Jason Silva says…separate entities that when combined become a force stronger than any in this world.


Let Me Tell You About My Husband

Capturing a person in words in a challenge…words tend to fail when emotions and traits are so powerful they lack name.

A pure heart.


Facing death of his Love…He stands strong, showing comfort, love strength.

Only sadness in his eyes….blinked away by focusing on the positive..

“We’re Gonna Make It Baby”

Daily discoveries of hidden talents….I, left Awe Struck.


So similar.

So different.

Teachers and Students…With an Eternity to learn.

Letting me be the free-spirited girl..

As I let him be the Inspiring Creative Man He Is.

Symbiotic and Separate

We are one in a Unified Field.

April, 2013

I was given six months to live.

The only change was his Love.

There is a Novel in that sentance…and a Novel in his eyes.

Ryan I Love You…..There are a thousand words behind each of those.


“Those who doubt are fools…We’re going to make it baby”.



mer·i·to·ri·ous : dVerse Open Link Night 125





A word from dVerse:

“Taking time to read and to add your own thoughts is an important part of what we try to encourage here at dVerse, and while it is true that there are some who seem to drop their links and run – especially on Open Link Night – there are many, many more who really do make an effort to visit with new folks and to make return visits to those who visit their blogs. To all of you – and you know who you are – I’d like to say a big

Thank You




we put forth to share

 wide with vulnerability

a personal dare..

To open up other eye’s


Exposed souls in written words.

What?I ask..

could be more despicably mean?

Than the “Hit and Run” poster..

Sharing their link…

With narcissistic pen.

No time to read others

brave words on a page.

Here, I’ll interject..

With some open advice…

Only a moment it takes…to welcome a Sage.

Reading the words

of other souls brave.

Inspires us all  in mysterious ways.

Instant at times..

at others unseen..

’til years down the line.

An inspirational spark

When  a moment we took 

others words We did read

circles like karma..

to the writer in need

the circle of written life

finds us complete.

We are all


Worthy of praise…

So take a second…

a moment in time..

to read another

 say “Thank You  for sharing“..

Through community caring..

A universe of Authors confident


by a family of gracious  bloggers

On” Thank You’s” we’ll build.





Written For dVersepoetspub.com Open Link Night

An Open Letter To A Savior : Companion : Trifecta #104


– Originally, a letter written in gratitude to my Fiance this morning (less than an hour ago)…it syncopated with this weeks TRIFECTA so perfectly …I decided to edit the post, then submit it for this weeks prompt…The Universe ( and T3 ):) seemed to want this…layed right out in front of me..how could I ignore this sign…after the gifts bestowed upon my being this past week…my eyes, heart and soul are at attention.-


-Here is what Trifecta (click to join!).. has offered as prompt fodder this week-

“On to the weekly prompt.



:  one employed to live with and serve another

 • Your response must be between 33 and 333 words. 
• You must use the 3rd definition of the given word in your post. 
• The word itself needs to be included in your response. 
• You may not use a variation of the word; it needs to be exactly as stated above”.




Dearest Ryan ,

My Fingers..would no longer be animate.

My Heart.. fallen Silent.

My Soul.. not be writing this letter of blinding Love…

(far beyond words meaning  “Thank You Note).

Showing calmness of mind.

 You stood vigilant.

Infusing our souls

so similar-

 Time  never allowing one without the other.

Time, his brother, Universe and sister, Nature know symbiosis is a treasure…without which devastation unseen would destroy a delicate  beautifully unique world.

I know how hard it was..it is.

How scary watching your symbiotic soul verging on leaving this realm.

I know sweetboy..as do our protectors.

Tirelessly feigning off  Devils who wish this world abolished.

Although you fought back tears …I know, (They know), it was fear at its highest meaning.

They too were scared.

As was my Heart...

I feared not death..

..but of leaving you..our lives so promising.

Futures so bright.

Something wanted  me …

.. surely it would have taken had IT not stared YOU

Face to Face…

Heart to Heart…

Will to Will.

If WE were questioned before…

My words here will abolish ALL doubts..

.. held by ANY being.

 Doctors did their best…

YET, when my heart  questioned..

Is It Time“?

…yours, gently stated with reason ..


I saw them standing with 

Their hands on your shoulders.

Times tear gently dripped to your cheek….

It was up to you…their powers weak in  mortal realms.

You may never know  Their gratitude,

how grateful I am.

Words failing the souls definition.

… YOU saved ME.

This, an absolute.

Truth in Truths form.

My love, stronger.…something I thought impossible.

My will to stay HERE..

Your Companion...reciprocating protection..

….”WE”… the strongest universal element.

See it in Blues eyes…Hear it in Kasson’s soft future crys ..

Felt in gentle breeze,

(Universe, Time and Natures relieved sighs),

 now caress my cheek…

..they Know all

..and all Know..

I love you completely

..for ever..

..for always.




My Companion.

Eternally….  PI much…



An Open Letter To A Saviour




Dearest Ryan ,

Without you my fingers, my heart, would not be writing this…..this love letter…(far beyond the meaning of the word love)..you stood guard watching, protecting, infusing my life with yours..to save me.

Showing calmness of mind and spirit while protecting my being.

I know.

I know how hard it was….how scary to see part of your soul on the verge of leaving this realm. I know sweetboy…although you fought back tears and remained strong and vigilant …I know it was fear at its highest meaning.

My heart felt the same…as I was not scared of death..but of leaving you..our lives so promising..our futures bright.

Something wanted to take me …it surely would have if it had not stared you face to face…heart to heart…will to will.

If anyone doubted before…the fact that I am typing these words will abolish any doubts held by any being.

Of course the doctors did their best…however, when my heart had reached out in question..”Is It Time”?…yours was there gently stating with reason ..”NO, IT IS NOT TIME”.

You may never know how grateful I am as words often fail the souls definition.

…But you saved me.

This is an absolute. Truth in Truths form.

My love for you has grown even stronger….something I thought impossible.

My will to stay HERE…by your side…protecting you as you did me…is the strongest element in the universe.

I see it in Blues eyes…I hear it in soft crys of our future son…and I feel it in the gentle breeze that is now caressing my cheek….the universe knows.

With everything I have..

I love you completely…

.for now..

..for ever..

..for always.

My Savior.

My Warrior.

My Heart.

My Love.


Eternally Yours….I love you PI much…

-d ..seablackwithink





It’s the weekend which means it’s Trifextra time. Time for 33 words. This week celebrating Time itself. I’m including Trifectas complete statement/challenge here, not only to give credit to Eirik Solheim, but to remind myself, and you, that there is beauty peeking through this often shattered world….take a moment to enjoy the short video hopefully sharing in the gratitude and affinity I feel towards nature.

“We’ve noticed an ongoing trend of darkness and creepy posts popping up in Trifecta’s links.  As you well know if you’ve been around for any length of time here, we love creepy.  In fact, last year we dedicated much of October to spooky prompts and responses.  Someone even publicly commented on the fact that we spent a full month on Halloween while hardly giving the other holidays a nod.  It was an unintentional move that probably speaks to the kind of challenge we are. But in an effort to try to steer you guys back into the light and save the darkness for another month, we’re switching gears a bit this weekend.  This weekend’s prompt is to write 33 words exactly inspired by the following photo project by Eirik Solheim.  Each slice of the photo compilation is a different day of the year, taken from the same location. Here’s the still shot: ”

….AND to show how one inspiration spurs another here is “How It Ends” by DEVOTCHKA {my personal favorite version} , showing even if the ending is known that it’s worth enjoying the ride…

Here are my 33, titled:


Please Join In The Trifecta Fun


Beginning together, microscopic molecules.

Chasing, bonding, forming a connection, multiplying eternally.

Forming a vast network.

Invisible heart-strings pulling, spiraling.

Made of the same matter.

All different.

All destined.

Meeting again, in the End.



Random great big acts of dragon kindness

A dear sweetheart of a blogger friend over at


was nice enough to nominate me for two awards….there are far better bloggers than this girl out there…however I agree on being a part of the word press family. He is a kind, curious, loving, interesting, greatbigdragon of a soul…..so take some time and drop by his page. Thank you GBD.

Both awards have the same rules:

Link back to the person who nominated you
Display the logo
Nominate 10 bloggers and let them know that they have been nominated.
These are two separate awards and so I could nominate up to twenty bloggers, but I have only been blogging steady for about two months and have thus far collected a small cadre of fellow bloggers who exhibit the community spirit that WordPress works to encourage, so like the previous two winners, I will combine the nominations for both awards. (I followed GBD’s lead here as I’ve only blogged a short while.)

The Sunshine Award also requires that I answer the ten following questions:

Favorite color – Combo:Royal  Blue and orange or Light Blue and Grey

Favorite animal – My Rhodesian Ridgeback and my Bay Quarter horse

Favorite numberPrime Numbers

Favorite non-alcoholic drinkKombucha, sparkling water or coconut water.

Do I prefer FaceBook or Twitter – I would have said neither until two days ago….Twitter…all my WP friends are there.

My passions –parkour, aerial dance, judo, jiu-jitsu ,muay thai, animals(horses, dogs),MUSIC,piano,

making people smile, fighting for my life, stopping hate, science, physics, Neil Gaiman,

Prefer getting or giving presents – Giving, always. If a gift is unexpected though, that’s a pleasant surprise.

Favorite pattern – Black & White Contrast

Favorite days of the week – Healthy days

Favorite flower – Lilly


So,  a tip of the hat to these lovely people who are indeed very deserving:

LET ME SAY, I know some of you may have received these before and some of you are well established way beyond wordpress…the reasons I’ve included you here is simply because each of you have touched, inspired or caused me to think, and for that I thank you,

1. bebeautifulanddance

2. playingyourhandright

3. yarnspinnerr

4. Pieces

5. Be Privy

6. bodhisattvaintraining

7. GoodTimeStories

8. thetruthyoualwaysknew

9. Russellboyle.com

10. blackboxwarnings

..and those who taught me strength

Aerial dance…vault practice performance with my inspiring instructor Amy Ell…coming from such a harsh world she taught me grace in strength. (catch a glimpse of me ~140 and my ex roomate ~ 450)

Tony Torres-Aponte, taught me to turn rage into my friend..let it drive me to do better.
my instructor, friend and boss.

The following are people who have loved me, hurt me, been loyal, and betrayed me…all in all i thank them for everything i learned from them.
Also, Woodie Guthries new years resolutions, a reminder of how for we’ve come..but still desire the same things.
Lastly, Saturn…reminding me to take awe in the universe. (that pic was shot through a tele with my crap phone…imagine the real deal).

i am so grateful





squirrel tribe

Guys, I owe a great deal of gratitude…to many…thats whats these posts are about.

(tried and failed to link lyrics so here have some)..”on tour with zykos” by okkervill river and mb.

“He gets close but I choke
Take your shit, take your clothes
And get out of my home
I want you to love me
Or I want you long gone
You say your real name is

Hey, thanks John
Go, sing songs, go, rock on
Roll your crew on down the road
To the next half sold show
Think you can get up above me
Well, I want you to know

You’re a figure of fun to everyone
Beneath the lone star, neon blue broken sign They wish they were you
like I wish you were mine
What a dumb thing to do

How come I shout goodbye
When God knows I just want to make this white lie big enough
To climb inside with you

Another day, lost and gone
Clipping pages from the news for the senator’s son
Well, he just strolls through the lobby
And glad hands everyone
Another day, tossed and done

I go home
take off clothes
Smoke a bowl, watched a whole TV movie
I was supposed to be writing
The most beautiful poems

And completely revealing
Divine mysteries of cloaks
I can’t say that I’m feeling
All that much at all at twenty seven years old

I’m disgust with desire by the guys
Who conspire at the only decent bar in town And they drink MGD

And they wish they had me
Like I wish I had fire
What a sad way to be
What a girl who got tired

So I wonder
who you got your hooks in tonight
Was she happy to be hooked and on your arm?
Did she feel alive?
Her head all light”

and if you think one day it doesn’t get better
take a listen.. written in high school. .and now when we see each other… nothing but love.

“peanuts” by mb performed with alkari

you were right..
.im saying it now
only once..
i should have been your wife

so it took a long time
yesterday i was peanuts
and you hate peanuts.
im so grateful for our friendship..even if it’s just peanuts.

seventeen years and we made it through.
you all ways told me to keep it light.
thank you mb.