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Hi family, 

My husband Liquid Poet has written a novel titled “Junkyard Majesty”…We have started a campaign on Kickstarter to get it published….Please support us in this venture..If you can pledge a dollar ONE DOLLAR that would be awesome! In return we pledge to support you if you have or decide in the future to run a campaign.


Here is the link to our project…check out the rewards tier!

Junkyard Majesty


All of our love, respect and grattitude!

-seablackwithink and Liquid Poet

Einstein:formula for time lost TL=(c+l)*A^s/GBD^2


My friend GBD over at that link up there…wrote a lovely post about the difficulties of finding time…I imagine Einstein thought a great deal on this…..if time is constant how can we loose it , its our time, why should we have to steal it.

Then this popped in my little brain man is always at war with the elements,laws of physics, the environment itself …since weve pretty much killed that ,try as we may, and many of us may try really hard, its dying a slow painful death (hmmm …what or who am i taking about here? im being carl jungiany today)

point being why? these elements made us from basically nothing, then gravity kepy us on our home….and thats only the beginning.

please read his post its well written and its very universal…it sparked some random thoughts here…hence my post…ill leave you with the comment i let on his post about being a time thief:

you do have the lumineers!
it’s good youre aware of this …slowly if it stays in the front of ..or in your face..it wont burn up and fade away on the back burner.
get it? i mean does that make sense…because by now you know i can turn logic on its face and make reality eat bb-q’d dragon.

Im a time thief as well ..in a completely different way…but the end result is the same…more time to do what we love..be who we know we are and not worry about some dude from ‘timecop’ busting in with his aklazerhovergun…no one owns time..it is a gift from the universe ..this modern life is stealing from us …one day if we stay aware…all we will here is silence…because we have won …there will be silence …the ticking second hand has burned up and faded away while we were doing what we love.